10 reasons why Sutton is London’s most underrated borough

As one of London’s most southern areas, Sutton is often dismissed as an insignificant location veering into ‘Surrey’ territory.It seems to be the only borough people north of the river hadn’t heard of, despite being sandwiched between Croydon and Kingston.Sutton can offer so much more to Londoners than they realise. Here’s why.

1. It’s the perfect balance between suburban and city living

People move to Sutton to live in a quieter, less expensive London borough where they still get the perks of city living, and we don’t blame them. Sutton is brilliant at balancing the two.You can experience the tranquil, mock tudor surroundings of Cheam Village or the suburban tree-lined streets Worcester Park, all while being 10 minutes from Sutton’s vibrant town centre brimming with shops and restaurants. It is busy, but never overwhelming.

2. It’s incredibly well connected

Sutton is one of the largest boroughs south of the river, but that doesn’t stop you from easily accessing high quality, frequent transport links.It is supported by plenty of bus routes to Wimbledon, Croydon and Kingston, meaning you’re never too far from exploring what the rest of South London has to offer.Getting to Central London by train is just as easy, with routes from several stations across the borough getting you there in just half an hour.Morden’s entry point to the Northern Line is a mere bus ride away if you’re branching out to further North.Better still, plans for a Croydon tramlink extension underway , Sutton is set to play an even bigger role in London’s future transport networks.

3. Empire Cinema

One of Britain’s smaller cinema chains offers a more intimate, independent feel for film goers, and it’s Sutton location is by far the best one.The cinema’s multi-million pound refurbishment last year means that Sutton’s moviegoers can enjoy the latest releases in couches and recliners for less than a tenner! A far cry from paying double digits for a dusty Odeon seat closer to the Thames.Not to mention the gorgeous, Instagrammable lobby plastered with illuminated posters of classic films.

4. One of the country’s best areas for schools

Sutton is home to some of the best schools in the country of all types. Wilson’s, Sutton Grammer School and Nonsuch High School for Girls all rank top in the country for GCSE’s year upon year, with the latter coming third in the country for results last year.

No matter where you are within the borough a school you can trust to give your children a good education will be in your reach.

5. Nonsuch Park

Henry VIII’s former palace may have been pulled down several hundred years ago, but that doesn’t stop it’s grounds from being one of London’s biggest and most interesting green spaces to explore.Nonsuch Park is Sutton’s best space for dog walks, Parkruns and lunch at Georgian treasure Nonsuch Mansion.

6. The pubs

Sutton is home many of London’s best loved pubs, but as much as we enjoy drinks at the Slug and Lettuce, it’s independent pubs are suited to drinking occasions of all kinds.

The Moon on the Hill pub is a great place to drink if you love a Spoons (Image: Ewan Munro)

The Red Lion is your go to for a classic country pub experience, with an amazing selection of food. Old Bank is situated by Sutton station and makes for an excellent starting point for nights out in the city.However – if you are still desperate for a fix of Britain’s best drinking institution (Spoons, of course) The Moon On The Hill will be there to welcome you with its open, weirdly carpeted arms.

7. You’d be surprised how creative it is

Easily one of the most underrated aspects of living in the area is how Sutton encourages creative endeavours more than you might think. The Rolling Stones would have to agree with us, following their discovery by a music promoter in a pub at the bottom of the high street in 1963.Sutton Music Centre is easily one of the best music shops in London, offering music lessons courtesy of their in store team who are easily some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet.

It’s a local learning centre, SCOLA, offers art lessons at a very affordable cost for people of all abilities, from art for wellbeing to jewellery and silverwork.If live events are more where your interest lies then first port of call has to be the Secombe Theatre, which provides the perfect suburban south London stop to some of Britain’s best comedy tours and drama shows.

8. (Second) lowest borough in London for crime

Sutton is the second safest borough in London , marginally missing out on the top spot by to Richmond.The widespread feeling of safety is evident in council surveys that have found that 97 per cent of residents feel safe in their neighbourhoods in the day time.Crucially, it is also one of two boroughs to have not experienced a murder in the past year. Worrying for other boroughs, but not for Sutton.Also it’s cheaper living than Richmond.

9. It’s a borough committed to being the best it can be

In 2017 Sutton’s high street gained Heritage Action Status , meaning it is the responsibility of local authorities to maintain the area’s original features in the face of it’s growing popularity.It is the first London borough to receive this kind of protection in the face of rapid growth.

Sutton’s Beddington area is also home to the UK’s first eco-friendly housing development, BedZED. A concept ahead of its time, BedZED was designed to create zero carbon emissions and has since inspired nearly £25 million of similar projects using this framework.On a smaller scale, the award winning Sutton buggy service transports people around the town centre, allowing the area to be accessible to all.

10. The perks of living in London, at a fraction of the rent

The average price to rent a two-bed property in Sutton is £1,292. It’s still a lot of money, but pales in comparison to the surrounding areas.Get the latest London news straight on your phone without having to open your browser – and get all the latest breaking news as notifications on your screen.

The MyLondon app gives you all the stories you need to help you keep on top of what’s happening in the best city ever.Two beds in Kingston are around £200 more on average, and similar properties in Wimbledon are almost an eye watering £700 more!Is £700 really worth being 15 minutes closer to Waterloo when the same opportunities are available to you in Sutton? We don’t think so.

Thankyou to My London for their recent Post: https://www.mylondon.news/news/south-london-news/10-reasons-sutton-londons-most-17196296

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